Guidelines for Grant of Repairers Licence

The licence application to repair weights and measures shall be furnished in the prescribed proforma i.e. LR-I alongwith supporting documents / papers etc., and the following point are to be examined :

I. Premises :

(A) Proof of Legal possession of the workshop premises
The applicant must have legal & physical possession of the premises and furnish latest rent receipt / sale deed / House Tax Receipt / any other documents and No Objection Certificate from the owner of the property.

(B) Minimum area required for the smooth and proper working :
The workshop premises should be suitable and adequate not less than the area as detailed below :

1. Weights, measures, weighing and measuring instruments. 15 Sq. m.
2. Taxi & Auto Rickshaw Fare Meters 4.5 Sq. m.
3. Electronic Weighing Scales 1.5 Sq. m.

The workshop must be with an adequate entrance without opening to any residential part of the premises. The workshop premises must be on ground floor or basement.

The workshop / Repairing premises to repair the following items may be at any floor of the multi-storied commercial complexes / industrial estates / flatted factories of Industries Department / Flatted factories of DDA / DSIDC or any other Government or local body subject to condition that suitability of premises will be assessed by the licencing authority before granting licence.
1. Auto Rickshaw / Taxi Fare Meter.
2. Electronic weighing scales up to 20 Kg.
3. Kitchen scales / Tubular Balance / Bathroom Scales / Spring Balances.
4. Electronic digital meter.
5. Sphygmomanometer to measure blood pressure.

II. The Workshop Tools and Equipment:
The firm shall have sufficient Tools and Equipment to carry out the repairing work of weights, measures weighing and measuring instruments.
1. Set of files.
2. Set of screw Drivers.
3. Set of punches (A to Z)
4. Drill Machines.
5. Set of spanners.
6. Set of ring spanner.
7. Hammers and Cutters.
8. Stove / Bhatti Heating arrangement.
9. Melting Pot.
10. Pouring Pot.
11. Tota Plass.
12. Set of number of punches ( 1 to 9)
13. Plass.
14. Baunk.
15. Sand paper.
16. Oil Cane.
17. Stop Watch (for taxi / Auto Rickshaw fare meter only).
18. Bench Machine
19. Any other necessary equipment required for smooth working.
The proof of procuring the workshop tools and equipment etc., shall also be furnished by the applicant at the time of applying for repairing licence.

III. Test Equipment:
(i) The applicant firm must have the following test equipment :
(1) 50 Kg. Balance - ‘B’ Class.
(2) 5 Kg. balance - ‘B’ Class.
(3) 200 g balance - ‘B’ Class.
(4) 2 g balance - ‘B’ Class.
(ii) Test weights :
50 Kg to 50 g C.I. Weights.
50 g to 10 g Brass weights.
10 Kg to 1 mg Bullion weights.
(iii) Test capacity Measures : 20 litre to 100 ml – Conical.
(iv) 2 litre to 10 ml Cylindrical.
(v) Test length Measures : 1 Meter Rod.
(vi) Additional weights for testing Beam scales and platform scales one Ton.
(vii) In case of weigh bridges : 1 ton and additional weights upto ¼ capacity of the weigh bridge will be required for testing the weigh bridge at the site.
(viii) Arrangement for testing the beam scale in the workshop.
(ix) Arrangement for testing the capacity measure / length measure / peg measure.

Loan articles :

1. Beam Scales - B’ Class – ‘2 Kg (1), 1 Kg (1), 500 gm (1)
C’ Class – ‘500 kg (1), 200 Kg (1), 100 Kg (1)
50 Kg (2), 20 Kg (2), 10 Kg (2), 5 Kg (2), 2 Kg (2), 1 Kg (2), 500 gm (2).
‘D’ Class - As above
2. C.I. Weights - i) 50 Kg to 50 gm (2 sets)
ii) 20 Kg to 50 gm (2 sets)
iii) 2 Kg to 50 gm (2 sets)
3. Brass weights 1 Kg to 1 mg (1)
4. Conical Measures 20 litre to 10 litre (1)
5 litre to 10 ml (1)
5. Cylindrical Measures 2 litre to 5 ml (1)
6. Meter Rod 1 meter (1)
7. Counter Scales 20 Kg (1), 10 Kg (1), 5 Kg (1),
2 Kg (1), 1 Kg (1)

The applicant will submit a proof that all the loan articles produced from the sources. All the loan articles should be duly verified and stamped by the Weights and Measures Department and verification certificate shall be attached by the applicant.

IV. Constitution of the Firm:
In case the firm is not a Proprietorship concern, the firm should submit a copy of Partnership Deed duly attested by the first class Magistrate / Notary / Oath Commissioner and in case of Private Company or Limited Company, Memorandum of Association approved by the Ministry of Company Affairs, Govt. of India.

V. Experience Certificate:
The applicant is required to furnish an experience certificate for at least one year for the items applied for Repairing in the name of a skilled worker / proprietor / Partner / Director of the firm or certificate from I.T.I in Instrument Mechanic & Electronics and no repairing work shall be taken in the absence of a skilled worker.

VI. Site Plan:
A site plan of the premises shall also be furnished by the applicant.
The licencing Authority may relax any of the condition or the part of the condition referred above.

Documents to be attached with the Prescribed Application Form

1. Proof of the legal title of the premises (attested copy of the Sale Deed / Lease Deed / Allotment letter / Property Tax receipt.)
2. Rent Receipt / N.O.C from the owner.
3. Tools & Equipment list.
4. Test Equipment.
5. List of loan Articles with verification certificate.
6. Copy of the Constitution of the firm.
7. Experience certificate.
8. Site plan.
9. Memorandum of Articles in case of Private Limited Company and Limited Company.
10. List of skilled and unskilled workers with their names & addresses.